Vaping Compared To Smoking: Health Benefits

pexels-photo-247040With its popularity ever increasing in the modern world, vaping has come more under scrutiny than ever before, with questions raised and studies conducted into how safe it really is, and the difference between Vaping and smoking.


Vaping is a form of Tobacco harm reduction (THR). One of the main reasons that people switch to vaping is to help taper from the more dangerous habit of smoking, in a way that gives them the hit of nicotine to curb the cravings. With the obvious benefit of ceasing the habit of inhaling thick, toxic smoke into the lungs, vaping does provide that notable benefit of being healthier in terms of how the nicotine is transmitted into the blood stream.


It is noted that nicotine is actually far safer for the body than many people believe. On its own, nicotine is proposed to be fairly benign and does not cause cancer. With a mild stimulating effect, much like caffeine in the blood stream, there is a temporary heart rate increase and raise in blood pressure. This is why both smoking, and vaping (or any form of nicotine ingestion) is not advised to be taken by those who have serious heart issues, are pregnant or for children. With evidence from the medical world pointing to the serious risks of vaping to be quite low, this is why vaping is a recommended form of THR for those who opt to make the switch from smoking.


One caveat here is that for people who don’t already smoke. Consider whether you really need, or want, to take up vaping with nicotine. Because like any stimulant, nicotine does have addictive qualities, and without a prior smoking addiction, vaping with nicotine may not be something that you wish to begin. Do your own research to make your own informed decision. You can also visit your local vape shop to learn more about vaping and non-nicotine e-juice options.