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E cigarettes, also called e-cigs, smokeless cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes are a substitute method of consuming nicotine, which is the addictive chemical present in tobacco. Companies that produce electronic cigarettes always design them to resemble traditional cigarettes complete with a whole cylinder-shaped geometry, but they do not have any tobacco and do not require a match or flame at all.

An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered gadget vapor, which the user inhales. It does not produce any smoky smell, no ash, and does not require or produce any fire. The cigarettes do not have the harmful chemicals always associated with smoking traditional cigarettes, such as tar, carbon dioxide and the other 4000 life threatening chemicals.

E-cigs smoke like tobacco cigarettes, taste, and feel like the traditional cigarettes, but can significantly improve your life. In fact, satisfied customers, manufacturers, and researchers say that they are a healthier and safer option to tobacco cigarette that cause a lot deaths year in year out. Some users say electronic cigarettes have greatly helped minimize their smoker’s cough,’ improved their sense of smell and taste, and even their sleep.

How do e cigarettes work?

Basically, electronic cigarettes are divided into 3 main parts: the battery, the nicotine cartridge, and the atomizer. Usually, the batteries are rechargeable lithium ions that are compact and powerful. In addition, the batteries have some supplementary circuitry for illuminating the tip that creates the glowing cherry’ such as that of a tobacco cigarette.

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The nicotine cartridge consists of a reservoir of carrying the nicotine solution and a mouthpiece. You can purchase the cartridges in various flavors such as vanilla, tobacco, menthol, and cherry among others, and the levels of nicotine (low, medium, high, and even zero). The nicotine solution mainly contains propylene glycol (a substance used in cosmetics, toothpaste, medicines, and foods among others) and water. The other additional ingredients include nicotine and some flavoring.

Unlike the tobacco cigarettes, the electronic cigarettes do not depend on the process of combustion. Rather, they heat the nicotine liquid and convert it to mist or vapor that you inhale. Depending on the brand of the electronic cigarettes, it may only require you to inhale from the cartridge for the vaporization process to begin. Nevertheless, some come with a manual switch that triggers the vaporizer inside.

When you inhale the e-cig battery charges the atomizer, which then heats up the liquid nicotine drawn into the cartridge (atomizing chamber), converting it into a purified vapor. An internal microprocessor also in the e-cig then carefully measures the amount of nicotine delivered to your lungs via the vapor, but exclusive of all the harmful chemicals, cancer-causing substances, and toxins present in tobacco smoke.

All in all, in order to have a memorable smoking experience, you need to be cautious of the type of e-cig you buy. Here are tips to help you choose the best e-cig.

E cigs are the most ideal approach to deal with your nicotine longings. This is because e cigs do not cause health risks as the traditional cigarettes.

E cigs are available in several brands from which you can pick. However, they don't have the same qualities. For that reason, if you want to have a great time smoking or smoke out in the open without worrying about offending anybody with smell, and presumably quit your cigarette smoking habit effectively, it is paramount that you find the best e cigs.

E Cigs Reviews-Best E Cigs Brands

V2 Cigs

V2 cigs is beyond question the top brand of Electronic cigarette in the United States. V2 is additionally popular for receiving the best review in the electronic cigarette market and keeps on providing its devoted services with a product that has the best throat hit and stellar performance than any other brand.

Apollo E Cig

Apollo e cig is one of the best e cigs brands. It generates a great measure of vapor on every inhalation thus giving for you a remunerating throat-hit. Its vapor effortlessly reaches your throat making the inhalation effective and enjoyable.

Its best part is the wide range of flavors it offers to its consumers. It provides nineteen (19) flavors that run from the traditional cigarette to such like banana cream, blueberry, and mango peach that are extremely sweet and that make cigarette smoking even more enjoyable and interesting.

The flavors are available in two different sizes, the most convenient, the most affordable and the smallest. The smallest is 10 ml while the largest is 30 ml.

South Beach Smoke

One significant characteristic of this top electronic cigarette brand is the existence of a crystal-orange-LED, which lights-up every moment you puff it. This crystal orange LED also behaves as a sign in respect to when you ought to charge your cigarette.

Its producers use Lithium ion battery innovation to make its battery. Lithium ion enables it to have long batter life, greater performance and it also gives it maximum vapor. Additionally, the cigarette atomizer is consistently made into the cartridge, therefore guaranteeing that you gain a fresh atomizer each time you use another cartridge thus, producing maximum vapour and superior taste.

South Beach Smoke e cig has ten (10) different flavors, created with a modern Vapor-Flo technology intended to offer smooth, tasty, and greatest vapor (maximum vapor and superior flavor). The flavors likewise come in distinctive quality of nicotine, which include full flavored (16MG), bold (24MG), ultra light (6MG), zero nicotine (0MG), and light (12MG).

South Beach Smoke mouthpiece is a uniquely built silicone tip which prevents your e cig juice from spilling. Much the same as an ordinary cigarette, the silicone opening configuration offers maximised resistance.

How to choose the best and reliable e cigarette


Do your homework properly. Carry out a thorough market research of the top electronic cigarette brand. Use the internet and list top 10 e-cig brands, then you can narrow down your research to each of them, after which you can choose the one that you consider suitable.


As the saying on tobacco cigarette goes, one man’s smooth smoke is another woman’s throat burner.’ Tastes is personal, and note that e-cigarettes can never give the exact same taste as traditional cigarette, thanks to the fact that they do not contain the harmful substances found in tobacco cigarettes. Nevertheless, some manufacturers of electronic cigarettes still use generic nicotine blend, but most invests considerable cost and time to find the blend right; one that you will recognize and appreciate.


The best e-cig uses the best production technology available. They all use batteries; nevertheless, note that the battery life affects your vaping’ experience in two ways. It determines the number of times you will replace it and the period between recharging, which means the longer it lasts, the more cigarettes you smoke. The best e-cig has a battery that allows for more than 300 genuine re-charges devoid of noticeable degradation of user time and it will be sheathed in a high grade, strong rubber protection to protect it from bumps, knocks, and accidental drops. The battery will last you about 40 genuine cigarettes before demanding a recharge.

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E cigarette reviews have all the necessary information you need regarding electronic cigarettes in general, and there are those that specialize in a particular brand. These reviews will guide you and help you compare different e-cigs before deciding on one.

However, for the best, honest, and reliable e cigarette reviews that will save you from headaches of having to open up to 50 tabs before you can finally access all the information you want, you need to visit this website.